Perusahaan Ekspedisi & Jasa Pengiriman

Cargo Murah

Troben Indonesia (PT. TrawLbens Teknologi Anak Indonesia) merupakan perusahaan ekspedisi yang melayani pengiriman barang, cargo, dan kebutuhan logistik dari dan ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia. Berdiri sejak tahun 2020, Troben terus memberikan layanan pengiriman yang lengkap, mudah, aman dan harga murah.

Welcome to Troben


Dengan pengalaman, jaringan luas, dan layanan pelanggan yang unggul, PSI Cargo adalah pilihan terbaik untuk pengiriman mobil antar pulau di Indonesia. 

Our Services

Basic Plan
Starting at $150/mo

Our Basic Plan is perfect for small business owners who are looking for an affordable option to get started on expanding their online presence without the commitment and pressure.

Creative Plan
Starting at $200/mo

The Creative Plan is our most popular plan (and with good reason)! We help small to medium sized companies get an extra boost. Also includes all the amazing perks from the Basic Plan.

Premium Plan
Starting at $250/mo

Upgrade to the Premium Plan for unlimited storage, 24/7 support, and monthly consultations with our specialists. Also includes all the amazing perks from all previous Plans.

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